Steve Adams is at is again! In 2014, our Board President, Steve Adams, completed the entire 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail and helped raise nearly $10,000 to strengthen families and prevent child abuse for Family Partnership Center. On August 11, 2017, he’s lacing up his hiking boots again and tackling the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada Forest mountain range of California. The John Muir Trail runs 220 miles among some of the most astonishing wildlife and scenery in the nation. Along the way, he is prepared to encounter snow passes, swollen rivers, wildlife such as coyotes, bears, mountain lions, and poisonous reptiles, as well as the mental and physical challenges from 21 days of isolation and strenuous altitude. His adventure will culminate in a climb of Mount Whitney, the highest point in the continental 48 states, totaling 14,505 feet in altitude.

Being from Florida, Steve’s first attempt at hiking the John Muir Trail in 2016, ended after just 3 days when he was unable to cope with the altitude. This time, he decided to hike the trail not just for the adventure of it, but rather again as a fundraiser for an organization very dear to his heart, FPC. Steve is inviting you to join the “Last 10,000 Feet Club” and help support his fundraising efforts with a tax-deductible donation for FPC.

In July, Steve will be stepping down after three years as the President of FPC, but will remain on the board. Please support Steve in his hike by donating or pledging today!

Click here to donate now or email to make your pledge.

1 cent for the last 10,000 feet of elevation gain……….………..$100

10 cents for the last 10,000 feet of elevation gain……………. $1,000

Or pledge any amount in support of Steve’s last 10,000 feet!